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A Miss Sprinkles cake is the perfect way to celebrate!
All of our cakes are made-to-order, and can be customised to suit your colour scheme and decorative preferences. The pictures below are just a small selection of our cake options. See many more examples on our Facebook & Instagram pages. For a complete list of possible flavours, visit our Cupcakes page.
Prices can be seen below.

Bomb Cake Examples

Buttercream frosting / Drip / Macarons / Lollipops / Chocolates / Lollies / Fresh flowers / Fresh fruit / Intricate piping / Painted Buttercream

Simple Drip Cake Examples

Buttercream frosting / Drip / Buttercream Halo or simple piping on top / Topped with sprinkles

Simple Cake Examples

Buttercream frosting / Buttercream halo or simple piping on top / Topped with sprinkles

Baked Cheesecake Examples

Bundt Cake Examples


Small 8″
Serves 12
Large 9.5″
Serves 16
Baked Cheesecake $50 $80
Bundt Cake

Serves 10-12

Love Heart Cake


Regular 6″
2 Layers
Serves 10-12
Medium 7″
2 Layers
Serves 15-18
Large 8″
2 Layers
Serves 20-24
Simple Cake $65 $65 $95 $125
Simple Drip cake $75 $110 $145
Bomb cake $90 $130 $175