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A Miss Sprinkles cake is the perfect way to celebrate!
All of our cakes are made-to-order, and can be customised to suit your colour scheme and decorative preferences. The pictures below are just a small selection of our cake options. See many more examples on our Facebook & Instagram pages. For a complete list of possible flavours, visit our Cupcakes page.
Prices can be seen below.

Bomb Cake Examples

Simple Drip Cake Examples

Simple Cake Examples

Unicorn Cake Examples

Baked Cheesecake Examples


Small 8″
Serves 12
Large 9.5″
Serves 16
Baked Cheesecake $40 $60
Mini 4″
2 Layers
Serves 6
Regular 6″
2 Layers
Serves 12
Large 8″
2 Layers
Serves 24
Unicorn 6″
3 Layers
Serves 18
Simple Cake $40 $50 $90
Simple Drip cake $40 $60 $110
Bomb cake $40 $80 $150
Unicorn cake $110